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How to Install Node Version Manager Ubuntu 2020

Npm registry has a very powerful version manager for node js known as n.

#n – Interactively Manage Your Node.js Versions.  By using n  we can change the node js version by hitting a single command.

Firstly we need to install n  globally in our machine.

npm install -g n

After installation, we can call n directly

n 10.16.0      // just pass the version you want to install
n lts          // lts stands for long term support version
n current      // by using current we can install latest version

As demonstrated in the above example we can install any version by n

You can execute n on its own to view your downloaded versions and install the selected version.

$ n

ο node/8.11.3

Use up/down arrow keys to select a version, enter key to install, d to delete, q to quit

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